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Color clashes when alert is triggered


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  not really a 'bug' but a usability issue.


  Depending on the color scheme, and the color used to highlight a row on an alert,  some of the columns(net change, $ change) become unreadable, until the alert clears.


 Since you probably want to see the net change when an alert is triggered, this is not a good thing.


 Suggest altering those columns to a contrasting color , when an alert is triggered ,and the user has highlighted the row

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 Another color issue, will mention it here rather than start another thread.


 Wondering why we can't customize the Portfolio scheme color in the same manner you allow for charts.  Is that something you've just not gotten to or is there some reason for it. I know you didn't allow for easy mods in QT, but it could be done by hacking the ini file.

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there are a lot more settings for the grid color sets than there are for the charts and coming up with good combos is not simple.  Plus, each setting can involve not just the background and foreground colors, but things like borders, fonts, alignment, margins, etc.  Plus there is inheritance of values, so row highlight may define just the border for example, so the rest of the settings will be inherited from the "Normal" row style, or whatever other styles.  And then, some stuff is changed dynamically at run-time.


Basically, it gets far more intricate and we didn't want to deal with coming up with an editor that took all that into consideration.  Just the simple merging of alert highlight with the existing color style is causing some problems as you noticed. Multiply that by 20 or so.


I can give you the configuration file allowing you to modify things if you wish, but hope you are handy with hex color codes (same as used in HTML) :)

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