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MB Trading - Quotes, Level II, Backfill, Option chains - work.


Trading - internal stuff works. Need to hook it up to the UI, test.

good job jerry !


I am waiting long time for mbt tradeing  ..must check MT  in real world with mbt tradeing ! I hope is better PERFORM  then QT!!

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don't know how that will pan out. We have TradeKing integrated. For MBT we have the market data and core trading stuff, but the trading is not yet tied to UI.  Will have to find out what they plan for this. 


when mbt will be added ? I can't give any input how MT IS WORKING ....Tradeking + mbt saying that in Q1 2016 the merger will be in final state ..until then all the clients of MBT will use the same platform ..so how long I need to wait unti I can use MT ??


keep the good job ..and have a nice week !!



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First, update on MBT - we are adding it. The transaction with Tradeking is not going to impact the integration.  Hopefully it will make the MBT Platform available to TradeKing clients, which would be a good thing.


As for MT, I am working on it now. Should be soon. Can't give exact date.

THANKS  JERRY !!  wish you all the best !!

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