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Problems last 2 mornings


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This same problem has occurred both this morning and yesterday.  I'm not sure what is wrong, so I'll explain what I'm seeing as best as I can.  In both cases, I had to restart MT 2 times, deleting the data file each time (once MT was shut down).  My Level II source is TD Ameritrade, everything else is IQFeed.


In pre-market, I have the charts set to "Extended Hours - Always".  In the example below (a few minutes before the market opened), the 3-minute chart is already showing the time frame for the entire day:





Within the first few minutes of the open, the Raw data and charts stop refreshing, though the Level I keeps updating (All 3 use the same data vendor - IQFeed).  Selecting and restarting IQFeed from the Sources in the Dashboard did not fix the problem.....shutting down MT a couple of times and deleting the data file gets things back to normal.  Below is a screen shot of the Level II (TD Ameritrade source, refreshing to new highs) and Raw data (IQFeed, not refreshing).  The actual time is 9:33:33 which I'll show in another screen shot below:





Below is the Level I window which shows the correct current price for symbol EVOK (Note the time at the top of the window):





Below, you can see that the charts are not refreshing for symbol EVOK.  (15-second chart at top, 1-minute at middle right, and 3-minute at the bottom), so only the Level I (IQfeed) and Level II (TD Ameritrade) were updating real time, charts and raw data (both IQFeed) were not.





Please let me know if you need any other information from me.....not sure what's happening on this one.





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the issue is that somehow a future quote time got in.  You don't need to restart MT or delete the data file. You can select the option to clear data, and pick "Current Day". Can do it on individual symbol, or all symbols on the portfolio (clear button on the portfolio ribbon). or all symbols in MT (Clear button on the dashboard)

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By the way, if you do get this again, and you are able to recreate it, could you do me a favor - set log level to 200 on dashboard. stop/start quotes to recreate. Once recreated, change logging back to 10, and export settings + log and email to me and let me know exactly which symbols to look at. 


I ran into this issue with MBT and TDA and dealt with it there, but this is the first time I've seen it with IQFeed. Will check in code there too.

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