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  1. slowflyer

    High CPU usage

    CPU % for me was fine, having too much charts etc. open. Thanks for checking, Jerry!
  2. slowflyer

    High CPU usage

    Hmmm...second thought, I might not have a higher than usual CPU %, since I'm rarely above 20%. Though still getting that "very high" power usage/trend, highlighted in reddish color. Haven't seen that before, as far I as I know. Will see what Jerry comes up with.
  3. slowflyer

    High CPU usage

    Saw this and checked mine...IB/MT. MT showing, under power usage/trend, VERY HIGH...don't think I'd seen that before. MT using 12-20% CPU. Only other program open is TWS.
  4. Hi merlin8121, sorry it took me so long to reply, but I had a billing error with QS, they only charged me for a month, not the full year. That issue is now solved, and they charged me $272.14 for the full year, 2 months free. The option to pay for a full year appeared when I initially signed up with QS, an awesome savings over IQfeed. Good luck!
  5. Signed up with QuoteMedia QuoteStream for a year (pay for 10 months, 2 months free). Fast backfill on intra-day and historical charts. Impressed also with the price, 1/3 of what I've been paying IQFeed.
  6. Ahh, thanks, didn't click on that tab. Got it. Thanks. :-)
  7. merlin8121, I couldn't find any info about Quotestream, looked up the datafeed/brokers section. Using IB/IQFeed, and as you mentioned, IQFeed is getting prizy. Any help would be appreciated. PS I did find it in the Settings/Data Sources/Configure Accounts. https://www.medvedtrader.com/www/frontend/datasource
  8. I've got no issues with IB as a feed with MT. At least as of 1:36PM ;-)
  9. Thanks for the fast reply, took care of the issue!
  10. I had the same issue yesterday (not in my office on Monday). Same issue today, though today I'm not able to get rid of the issue by clearing individual chart, or by clearing all. Sent Jerry the log file. Only with IQFeed, 2nd computer with IB as feed has no issues.
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