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Trade Alerts not firing


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 the trade size alert.  seems hit and miss.


 have one set to play a sound, clear after 4 seconds. only seeing a few of the qualifying trades.  Set to 1000 shares  multiple trades >1000 not showing


 symbol OLN, but doubt that's relevant.


just had a 100,000 block on that symbol and no alert


in fact there is another alert for that symbol >10,000 that also didnt fire.


so for some reason these are skipping. high cpu maybe, Im still seeing heavy cpu usage at all times.

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The Trade Size alert works off the data that is shown in Last Vol (Last Volume = Last trade size).  Keep in mind that if the datafeed is not tick-by-tick, you will NOT be getting every tick, and the sizes in RAW DATA will not necessarily correspond to Time & Sales. You are using TD Ameritrade and do not have it set to get streaming tick data. Therefore, the data MT receives is consolidated.  TDA sends 2 or 3 updates per second. Very likely that some rows in raw data represent multiple trades (raw data is showing you the change in volume between the given quote and the previous one).  The LAST VOL will also skip updates.


So you are;
1) not seeing every trade, and thus cannot get an alert on every one

2) you are seeing rows in raw data that represent multiple trades and therefore some of them wouldn't have triggered the size alert in the first place.


If you are using the trade size alert, you will want to turn on the tick by tick streaming options.  SETTINGS / DATA SOURCES / CONFIGURE ACCOUNTS screen. Click on TD Ameritrade, then check the "Stream Tick Quotes" check box. 

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  So I take it RAW is calculated by volume data?   I had assumed that the alert would fire based on the value shown in the t&s regardless. Thanks for the clarification.


 I'd think many would be confused by this.  I forgot about the TICK feed setting , I'd seen it when setting up.

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well, that is actually why we call it "Raw Data" vs T&S.  If for example you use a snapshot datafeed and get refresh every 10 seconds and get 100,000 shares showing for SPY, that certainly shouldn't be considered a trade size of 100,000.  And that is exactly what would happen if we looked at the volume delta as shown in raw data.  The trade size alert is supposed to be used with tick data. 

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@jetty, could you email me your settings and a chart showing where you expected the alert to trigger? Also, I assume you created the alert prior to that point? (MT doesn't do backtesting type alerts).

Please do the following:


go to FILE / Export Settings. 

Leave the checkboxes already checked, and also check LOG FILE.

Export, then email me the exported file please.

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