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Grand Total Inline Chart (GTIC)


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Not sure if this is "bug" or just a poorly thought out design flaw. ;) 

When adding or removing positions for the day, the GTIC obviously gets thrown out of whack. So I clear the chart for the day to get it to start tracking my new portfolio value. When I did this with QT the first new tick would be on the far left and the next on the far right. This would leave the GTIC filling the column. Then as more data was added the chart would shrink to fit it. When I do this same thing with MT the GTIC doesn't start at the left, it starts at the right and as data comes in it scrolls to the left. This leaves the GTIC very small and hard to read for quite a while as I wait for the data to come in.

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Okay I did a couple of intraday trades today. After adding or deleting the positions the GTIC was off as expected. I opened a chart for it, cleared the data for today, and afterward the chart displayed across the whole column like it should. :)

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