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Create a new portfolio and populate it with the indices' symbols

In the ribbon select the View tab, then Display and select  TILE - Index

On the same View Tab uncheck Show Status Bar

Hide the ribbon

Reduce the height of the window by dragging the bottom border up to the bottom of the tiles

Increase/decrease the width of the window so tiles are in a single row or as you wish

Place the new window directly above your portfolio window and it is very similar in appearance to QT if you size it to the same width as your portfolio

Double click on a tile to open a chart of that index

You can also make the window tall and narrow (the width of the tiles) and then place it along the edge of the monitor

It's really very versatile with several Tile types to choose from

(I'd attach a screen shot but don't have that figured out yet)

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Great explanation DavidE but I guess my response is a low keyed, "oh wow, yet another window to keep track of." :(

That's been my biggest hindrance with try to adopt MT...there's a different window for just about everything and they end up on top of one another. It seems I'm constantly bringing windows forward or sending them to the back or moving them around. With an index panel it's right there as part of the portfolio window instead of as a separate one.

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