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Chg$ Column reads wrong on day 1.


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On the day a new position is entered into a portfolio, the Chg$ column uses the previous day's closing price to calculate what it displays and gives an inaccurate reading. This value should be based on the entry price when the purchase date matches todays day.

For example, I initiated a short position today of 9K shares at $7.70. It closed yesterday at $7.28. Currently the Last column says $7.46, the Gain $ column shows $2,180 and the Chg$ column shows -$1620 because it's calculating from 7.28 instead of 7.70.

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2 minutes ago, Jerry Medved said:

there is no entry price in the portfolio.  

Semantics, I'm referring to the Paid column in the Edit Portfolios and the Portfolio screens when I say entry price. Of course Paid is not the right terminology either since when initiating a short position you're actually selling and not paying anything. :P

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Actually I just realized I didn't have to wait. I manually entered a bogus trade in my portfolio and both the Chg$ and Gain $ columns read identical. I knew you guys could figure out how to solve it! B)

Now about that scrolling ticker tape thingy.... <_<

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