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Screen Margin - Horizontal compress/expand



Edit: Title should read Vertical & Horizontal margin, horizontal space to the right is always welcomed


Edit: (added screen shots ref: Horizontal margin below) see also feature request: Space to draw trendline projections 


add'l feature request is screen margin and compression

vertical spacing between price bars and top/bottom of screen




Thank you kindly,



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MT does it differently. right click on the Y axis for some choices. You can also hold down the ALT key and then click (and hold) on top of the Y axis scale and drag down

Thank you, use it often, works just fine


The horizontal padding is easy enough to do, but I am not sure how to do the UI for it...

Would appreciate if you keep it on the list for future consideration.


For continuity sake, padding could be handled the same as the Y-axis , dynamic padding % pad / # Bars from right edge only, click & drag...


MC's approach by %



MC's approach by # bars.



Benefit of Horizontal Margin / Horizontal "padding" is ability to anticipate future areas of interest

Quick example, showing one benefit of RH margin... [Annotations drawn for illustrative purposes, not an analysis of the instrument]  ;o)



MT without Horizontal padding / Margin, ok,as it uses the price scale for the line extensions, but would be cleaner with chart margin


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