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Tabs for different layouts



In the past I've seen platforms that have tabs which allow the user to arrange groups of charts, and then flip through them.  For example, one page for ETFs, another for commodities, another for indices, another for certain stocks etc.  Having a tab allows you to quickly go to a certain pre-set group of charts, and also saves screen space.  Currently the only way it seems doable is to save and load different layouts, though this doesn't like the quickest and most efficient way of doing this, especially since it would be closing and opening other charts/windows on other screens that a user would prefer to be constant.


I'm not sure how such a feature would work with free floating charts, as opposed to having a bunch of charts confined to a parent window.  But I just thought I would throw it out there.

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On 5/8/2016 at 7:03 PM, Mike Medved said:

We have a feature in the pipeline that would allow users to "dock" a bunch of windows together so that when you move one you move the whole group. Once that is done, maybe we can add a feature where you can save/restore a dock-group.

Old thread but has the "dock" feature been implemented?  No reference in the  help file that I can find, did a forum search also.  I do use the window lock feature but would find the docking capability useful

Thanks for all of the good work.

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