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Error Message When Opening Settings Menu


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I get the following error message whenever I open "Settings".

"Medved Trader encountered an Error

The value of the SelectedIndex property is out of range.

Please contact Medved Trader technical support and provide the error details

AppVer: 1.1.785.1851 Err.Flags: Log, ShowToUser
   at C1.Win.C1InputPanel.InputComboBox.set_SelectedIndex(Int32 value)
   at MT.SettingsUI.SettingsAppGeneral.LoadValues() in C:\MedvedTrader\MT\SettingsUI\SettingsAppGeneral.cs:line 100
   at MT.SettingsUI.SettingsPageBase.OnLoad(EventArgs e) in C:\MedvedTrader\MT\SettingsUI\SettingsPageBase.cs:line 592"

Susequently, I can't make any changes to the settings that will 'stick' .

Pressing 'OK' results in a yellow background on the 'OK' button.  Pressing 'Apply' seems to do nothing.

When I close the above error message box I get the following warning box:

"Your changes have not been saved. Discard changes?"

I am a new user to Medved Trader and have only set up one small portfolio and a watchlist so far.

I have been unsuccessful searching for an solution.  Can someone help me?

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