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Quick Access Toolbar obscured by Windows 'classic' theme


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Not sure if this is really a bug or not, but.....

Once a chart window has been opened for a minute or two, the title bar area reverts to a Windows "classic" style, which hides the QAT. Clicking on the title bar will fix the issue for a short time, but it will return spontaneously.

I am using Windows 7 with Aero disabled.



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have not had any other reports of that and do not see that here. What are your exact Windows theme settings?

Do you do anything in MT (in other windows) at the time it changes or just sitting there?

Are you using any utilities that manage windows, add things to caption, etc.?

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Hmm, we recreated it once, but can't get it to happen again. Initially it works OK but then later when something happens, it starts the messed up mode at which point recreating it is simple. The question is, how do you get it to happen in the first place? Notice it start after some particular action?


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