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Index Bar and Maintaining Portfolio size when opening menu bar



As an old QuoteTracker user from the 90s, I got used to monitoring several Indices at the top along with the portfolio.Is there any way to monitor Indices on the Menu bar, or Quick Access bar, etc. Also, I noticed when I open the ribbon tab and close it again, it reduces the size of the portfolio window, and it must be dragged back down to the original size. Is there a fix for that?

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As far as the ribbon, that is done intentionally. You can however turn that off.  SETTINGS / APPLICATION / General - Uncheck the box toward the end for "Ribbon Show/Hide Resizes window"

We don't currently have an index panel. We will be adding it. However, do have something similar to the QT Index panel for the time being.  You can do a portfolio with TILE view. Refer to:


The symbols you can enter into that Index Portfolio are (assuming TD Ameritrade source)
$DJI for DJ 30 Industrials
$SPX.X for S&P 500 Index
$COMPX for NASDAQ Composite
$VIX.X for CBOE Volatility Index
$DJT for DJ 20 Transportation
$DJU for DJ 15 Utilities
$TNX.X for 10-YR Note
$TYX.X for 30-YR Bond
$FVX.X for 5-YR Note
$IRX.X for 13-Week Bill


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Jerry, I have to tell you that I'm probably not going to wait much longer for this index bar. It's not that it's so important, it's just that I find myself spending less and less time on MT and have found simple workarounds on free programs like TOS to get the things I used to have on QT. It is soon going to reach a point where it doesn't make sense to be a paying subscriber for something that duplicates other programs I already have.


I appreciate the time you spend answering questions and developing new features but  I wish you would have focused more on restoring MT to the functions we were used to on QT - and then add new ones. I wish you well but thought you might want feedback before someone leaves rather than after.


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