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Daily Gains Bug


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Jerry, a couple of days ago I sent you an email (with an image) regarding an issue with the intra day gains/loss Chg$ column. The subject was "Daily Gains Bug" and I haven't heard back. If you're busy fine, but I know how some messages can get lost within all of the spam you get, so did you get it?

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The total starts wrong the moment I start MT every single day. It will stay wrong up until I click the stop button for the feed, then click it again to start the feed. About 15 seconds later the total at the bottom of the column corrects.

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I have Windows Task Schedule setup to start MT Mon-Fri at 9:25am. So even if I'm not home it starts and runs at that time every single trading day of the week at the same time. And no, I do not manually start it earlier, even if I am here.

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