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On 9/29/2017 at 9:49 PM, merlin8121 said:

Its possible to add a "Link All"  , to the windows/groups linking; this is usefull to link different portfolios linked to only one news window and only one order ticket by setting them to lthe "link all", as in the example from Ninjatrader.

Link All.png

Bumping to see if this could be easily added? The idea would be to save space on the layout by having only a single window that switches to whatever linked window is in focus. For me personally, I'd have a 1 Min & 5 Min charts say linked together with Blue pin for StockA, then the same for StockB with Green pin. I would use a single Historical Chart that is linked to all/wildcard color/in-focus so that when I focus on StockA 1 Min or 5 Min, the historical chart flips to StockA. When I focus on StockB 1 Min or 5 Min, the historical chart flips to StockB. Other windows with this capability could be Level 2, Time & Sales, and Trade Ticket.

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Another way to do this would be to have the Historical Chart link to multiple other charts. Depending which is selected in focus, the historical chart would show that ticker. This way one can have say a historical chart on each monitor, which loads the ticker of the focused chart based on which link colors are associated.



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