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Color Sets wishlist



If there is a color sets you would like to see in Medved Trader, please feel free to post it here for consideration.  Maybe there is something you feel would be easier on your eyes while you work.


For the sake of clarity, this refers to the elements in the image below demonstrating the color Set called 'poker'.


Please consider adding images to express what you would like to see, because there are so many variations in colors.


(Note that color sets was referred to as color schemes in QT)



2rr2p37.jpg  2czec9g.jpg

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Please make a Gray color scheme.   Gray color has different shades, but I am talking about the Classic Window background, I don't know the exact technical name for it, if there is any at all.   Similar to the QT's background color in Classic view.


That color scheme is being used by almost all software to reduce glare, including Microsoft OS Classic view.

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Regarding the Graph window color, you made it in such a way that anyone can customize according to one's taste.  I changed the color according to the way I want.

So I thought it is about the core windows.

Here we are confusing the terminology.  That grid you are referring to is actually the Chart.  Everybody in the Wall street uses the wrong word Chart for Graphs.

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and I am using the word chart for graphics too.  MT has 3 different color sets and one group of Visual Styles. Color sets only control the display attributes of the content of the windows. Visual Styles control the display attributes of the windows themselves and plain controls (text boxes, labels, combo boxes, etc) on the Ribbon and plain forms.


Color Sets:

Grid -Controls display attributes of data content on any table of data, like Quote Grid, News, Raw Data, the source and window lists on the Dashboard

Level II/Market Depth - Controls the display attributes of the Level II content.

Charts - This color set impacts everything displayed on the chart itself. It does NOT include display attributes of things like the Ribbon, caption or window borders. Only the chart content


Visual Styles:

These control things like window borders, caption, Background and text color on Ribbons and plain form windows such as the settings screens.There are 3 Microsoft Office styles:

Office 2010 Black

Office 2010 Blue

Office 2010 Silver


We can, and did, let he end user select between them. We cannot customize what each one of those visual styles controls.


These styles are very much impacted by the Windows AERO display setting. If you are using a Windows theme that is not Aero Glass or have Aero Glass disabled in your windows settings, things will look significantly different than if you do enable that option. You have it disabled. 

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