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Scan for Outside day bar followed by inside day bar

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Hi LW ,

Thank you very much. That is exactly what I need for the scan to display on the chart.

Further to that, how can I get the scan to display the results on the Scan column and Scan Date after each time I have scanned my portfolio stocks?

At this present moment, the paintbar can display the occurrence nicely on the bar charts - is there something I need to do to get the results to show once and the scan date or time once  I apply the scan on my portfolio?

Once again, appreciate your help. Thanks!



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The OutsideIn is not something that happens often. I scan about 60 symbols and saw it trying to happen twice.  I added a TriggerAlert that you can add to a chart or scan when applying the paintbar.  In the scanner settings click on   "Params" then you can Edit/View both of the alerts settings.  You can change how long it takes the trigger to clear and restart.  You can set a popup and even play a sound.  You can do about the same thing when adding to charts also.

Attached is the same OutsideInside, but with the added TriggerAlert so you can edit.



I'm still learning myself. I hope it works for you.  If not maybe someone else might add to it that knows more.





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Hi LW,

Thank you for helping with the scans. In the process, I am beginning to understand a little bit on how it is done! 

Yes, the frequency of the alerts is not often, hence the need for the alerts to ensure their occurences are not missed.

I will be testing the scan over a week to see the results. Once again, thanks for helping. Much appreciated!

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