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Stockwatch Data feed- Avg Vol, MktCap


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Hi Jerry, 

I was reaching out to Stockwatch about another issue around missing premarket data (which btw they said was broken and is now fixed), and asked about the Avg Vol and Mkt cap data in the API feed.

They indicated "The API can provide shares issued as well as historical volumes, so MedVed should be able to calculate AvgVol and MktCap".    Is it feasible to utilize the other data to have Medved populate Mktcap and AvgVol?   I do see shares outstanding populating in MedVed when I add that column.




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When I do a clear data with Questrade the MktCap & AvgVol repopulated immediately as the data begin to reload. 

I tried what you said and loaded a historical chart and it did populate AvgVol on my watch list using Stockwatch.  So It looks like AvgVol with Stockwatch only populates when you load a historical chart.  With the Questrade API as soon as I clear data all stocks in the Watchlist reload and have the AvgVol populated.


I captured a backup with quote data yesterday (Friday)related to ShOutst and Mktcap.  I will send an email with the link. No idea if the regular logging level in it is useful with what occurred over the time periods.
Watch list: Main
10:15 cleared 
10:30 Mktcap, shareoutst, avgvol not populated , ran backfill none populated
10:56 historical backfil AvgVol populated
11:29 noticed MktCap and Shareout finally populated
Watch list: Lithium 
11:05 clear and backfill and historical backfil AvgVol populated
11:29 ShOutst and Mktcap still not populated
13:55 ShOutst and mktcap were  populated





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