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Color-Code Raw Data Trades Based on Bid / Ask Fulfillment



Hi, could we get an option to color-code the Raw Data Trades based on whether an order was met at the bid level or ask level? For example, if the maker is the seller, then the order is green and if the maker is the buyer, then the order is red. It would help to visualize momentum a bit more clearly. I've attached a picture of how Binance handles this (which I've described above). Also, please let me know if this feature is already included but I have missed it.

Thank you!


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49 minutes ago, Jerry Medved said:

Backfill data does not have bid and ask. Also, binance does not return bid and ask in their level 1 data feed and that is where the raw data is coming from

I see, thank you for clearing that up and for a great piece of software your team has developed. Your tools are making it much easier to trade in some crypto currency markets.

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