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Backfilling data issue


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I am having a strange issue with back filling data.  Log submitted through help.

After clearing the data for NNO:VN and trying to back fill, all I get is a single entry for today with the total volume.  I also don't have the option to backfill with tick data. Adn there is nothing in the intraday chart.



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Using another family members account with the free version of Medved (same data source)

I do see the option to backfill using tick data.  When I do it I get these results



This raw data above doesn't even match what I originally had in my installation on my machine before I cleared the data and tried to back fill.  Pre clear data below. The volumes don't match at all.  The pic below (orignal data from my machine) matches what I see on stockwatch.com


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I was playing with it a bit more and it looks like since smart source was set as the default BF source that removes the option to backfill with tick data from the drop down but you can select a check box if you go to backfill using...

Also when I hard coded the default backfill source to Stockwatch.  I got the correct backfill info to show up correctly like the last chart above.  Possibly since Smart source was set something other then Stockwatch was being used even though Stockwatch is the only source set to high priority?




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the way tick is now handled for stockwatch has been changed. It is a separate item. Smart Source would pick up stockwatch and backfill with OHLC. if you set it explicitly to stockwatch, you can select OHLC or TICK for backfill, either in the default or in the sub-menu. 

Smart Source should get Stockwatch for OHLC backfill. Your initial chart that you posted wasn't a backfill issue. It seemed you had it set to show 3 minutes

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