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Application slow to catch up to market data on open


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I have been finding the application is slow to get caught up to the market data as the markets open 30sec-1 minutes before the raw data time starts to match the current time. I've attached a few screen shots.  I have a 180Mb internet connection, running an amd 8730x. 32GB ram, nvme drive.  Could it be processing power slowing it down, internet, to many stocks being tracked from the data source?  

I have quite a bit open with news alerts, portfolio alerts for %changes, 14 charts, 3 raw data windows, 2 level 2, news window, 6 portfolio/watch lists  100-150 stocks in them.

I will try and load a basic profile and see if I see better response to the market data upon open.


Also, I am finding switching between active stocks on my main windows which are linked takes 6+ seconds for the chart and data window to populate from when I click the stock symbol.




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I actually just uninstalled my AV yesterday when testing so there is nothing which would be blocking it.  Windows defender/firewall disabled.

I have alerts on at the portfolio level for 5/10%  moves and have a bunch of manually set alert lines.(6 portfolios/watch lists open)

At times it takes till over a minute (9:31 am) till Medved syncs up with the data feed.


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