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Medved hanging - cannot use the app.

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I was adjusting some of my windows and added a depth cart and that window got "stuck" so I couldn't interact with it or close it.  I was able to partially use other windows but then when I tried to exit everything in Medved hangs. I restarted and the same thing is occuring as the new window shows up and is stuck.  I also cannot restore a backup.  Any ides on how to get me going again?

Also I can't upload a screenshot since the forum window is saying I can't upload anything larger then 30.7 kb.

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Might have spoke too soon, I just tried to modify a depth chart  and it hung.

Basically I tried to add the top bids to the Depth chart for Grat:vn which was an existing chart.  It become slow and unrepsonsive but came back after a bit.  I also then tried to add a new depth chart for NDM:CA and it was non responsive for a bit then comes back so I can work again.  

Posted the current log in dropbox.




Also just pushed a send support files via the front end.


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