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  Maybe I missed it , but don't see how to automatically activate the  loaded scan.  Have to remember to manually turn them on .

  How about a setting for that .   


 Be nice to automatically backfill open ports when MT is started  as well, instead of having to HOTKEY each one.

 See no reason why that can't be done.   If its server load, then why not just do it staggered on a delay.  Don't have to make that a default, but  an option.




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backfill is usually needed for charts not portfolios. Doing the auto backfill across the board would be extremely wasteful. Yes, a few people will do it manually upon startup, but if it was automatic, it would result in far more doing it, causing problems.

Auto-Starting scan:
1) same issue - do not want to do auto backfill.
2) Startup is an extremely heavy load period and do not want to add to it.

I could maybe do something where it starts significantly delayed IF auto-backfill is turned off.... Don't know if that would be useful though.

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Here's how I use it.

I have mini charts for all ports that I have open, so I need the backfill for them.    I often start late in the morning, so I don't have the data .

As for Scan,  well, I'm having to remember to turn it on every day.  I thought computers were supposed to make life easy ?

I don't care if there's a delay before you autostart , but don't see why we can't do that, if the user requests it.


I don't have 100's of stocks on display, so in my case the load is minimal.






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