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Mike Medved

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Thanks for the link to your YouTube channel. Would be nice to see more videos illustrating:

  1. The many features of the MT DOM, especially if the different order types are used in a full-cycle trade from opening to closing the trade during the illustrations.
  2. The use of MT scanner to search for candidates to trade e.g. using indicators for search criteria
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I suggest to begin with a set of detailed tutorials about the config settings ;  Application/Data Sources/Charts/trading .  

After , a set of tutorials about creating layouts, mangage charts (adding indicators, changing time frames, the different ways of scrolling  the chart ,  Shortcuts that can be added on the ribbon etc.

MT have so many features and  take much  time to master..

Plus,  dont forget to create more "canned" layouts.


And thx for the WWV indicator :)

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