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Missing historical chart data


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I have seen this multiple times in the past.  I loaded up a historical chart for a stock that I have an intraday chart open on my screen everyday (never close it).  There is missing data in the historical chart.  In this example its for APH:CA and the historical data jumps from Sept 20 to Oct 10.  I tried backfilling, backfilling and selecting a specific data source (stockwatch), closing and reopening the historical chart and it stayed the same.  I then made a backup whcih caused Medved to restart.  After the restart the data now shows up in the historical chart.  I then took another backup.

Added screen shots and added a screen shot of the intraday which was showing the correct data even though the historical wasn't.


On dropbox folder: 2018-10-10-APHHistoricalmissing data 

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click on the backfill button

If doesn't work, click on the dropdown for Backfill and select Backfill Using.. and select Stockwatch

If does not work, close, then re-open the chart. Repeat, and then send me the log. Please use the HELP menu method vs dropbox for it. Dropbox is really only needed when sending data.

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I loaded the updated version and when I opened Weed:CA historical  I saw Sept 20th but then it autobackloaded and all the data was there.  I also tried a few others and noticed the same thing occur.    I'll let you know if I see the issue reoccur.  Did you find something or was it just due to me restarting medved  that WEED:CA did the backload ie same as the first round with APH:CA?



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