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Not sure if this is a bug or by design...

When I move my mouse from one chart to another I can use my mouse wheel to scroll on the new chart I moved to without clicking on the chart.  This is what I expect/want to happen. But If I keep my mouse in the new chart window I can use the scroll wheel and the new chart moves but if I press control-H to get a historical chart I get the previous charts historical chart.  Any way to make the focus fully change to the new chart when the mouse moves to the new chart?  Currently it's not until after I click in the new chart that pressing control+H brings up the new charts historical chart.


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Would it be possible to have mouse position activate the focus  instead of waiting for a mouse click? Would there be negatives to this if it's possible... overhead, etc.

Any reason someone would want to keep focus on  the prior window after moving the mouse away??   The only thing I can think of is if someone wanted to use arrow keys to scroll up and down a watchlist or news list and still be able to use the mouse roller on a chart window.  Or now that I think of it maybe someone would want to use a hotkey in trade window to execute a buy well having your mouse elsewhere (this in itself might make my idea or mouse controlled focus a bad one).



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4 minutes ago, makincash said:

Any reason someone would want to keep focus on  the prior window after moving the mouse away??   

When you have many windows open, you don't want focus to change just because you move the mouse. Note that I said that the focus is NOT changing for the mouse wheel. that is just the default functionality of Windows. there are some apps or possibly windows settings that will force focus based on the mouse, but I can see that really messing things up. We are definitely not going to do that in MT.

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