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Option to opt out of sync freq/period on a daily chart



It would be convenient to have a selection on a daily chart that it could be disabled from sync freq or sync period of all the other charts I have open. In that way I could have one chart, that is part of a symbol linked group, that would permanently stay set 5  minutes while I toggle all the other I have open between 1 minute 15 minute etc.

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Understood. Here's another example if the opportunity every arises. I have a symbol linked group that contains a daily chart and intraday minute chart and an intraday Tick chart on one screen and then have this grouping repeated on multiple screens for different symbols. As the day progresses I change the intraday charts frequency from 1 minute to 5 minute etc. So on one screen/symbol grouping I manually change the intraday chart to 3 minutes frequency, readjust the period and then do a Sync freq and Sync period. This is a great feature as all my screens change freq and period for the different symbols.  The Daily chart stays the same of course. What happens though is that the Tick chart also changes  to an unacceptably compressed period view so I have to manually change the period of each tick chart on each screen. What would be nice is if the Tick chart could be exempt from the overall sync period or have a separate "sync period" just for tick charts like the daily chart does where it just syncs periods for other daily charts only.




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