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Temp measurment tool for charts


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Is there a way to temp make a measurement on a chart and have it auto disappear after you release your mouse button?

I  can only do this buy drawing a line which shows a bunch of stats % change etc and then I have to go and click the line and then press delete.

If not I can put a feature request in for a new drawing tool.  


Is right click drag used in Medved, if not maybe this function could use it and be enabled all the time?

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while drawing the line the data is shown as you noticed. Once you release the mouse and the line is "finalized" it is also selected, so you don't need to click on it and hit DEL. You should just be able to hit DEL right there, which is much faster than having to click on it first.

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Most of the time works., but sometimes I find it's not selected.Haven't figured out what makes it happen and it isn't the best visually (distracting) when you are trying to investigate a specific area as the lines extend.  Idea was to do something similar to trading view ruler and other apps where you draw a box and it gives you info.

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