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Backfill not working properly

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I have 2 watchlist each with just under 500 symbols. S&P 500, and another with stocks not in the S&P 500 that I like to watch. Both of these are fed from TD Ameritrade for a total of 948 as it shows on Sources. I have the boxes checked to automatically backfill intraday and historic charts. Each morning when I load up MT I connect it to TDA and IB TWS for futures trading and stock trading. I use TDA as feed and backfill for stocks watchlist. At 8am when I turn load MT I push the backfill button on the SP500 and it goes for about 10 seconds then stops (using TDA as backfill). Then I push the button for backfill on the other watchlist and it goes for about 5 seconds. I see this from watching the Sources window on MY Dashboard window. Also if I send a symbol to trade with Ctrl+T it will not backfill I waited for 1 minute and then I have to right click and Backfill. I was leaving my PC on 24/7 to fix this as I tried to figure out if it was something on my end. Today I have come to the conclusion it is a bug. If not then I have no idea how to get it to backfill work properly anymore. This was not an issue previously with MT.

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I checked your log - first, FYI - TD Ameritrade backfill of futures works with continuous contracts. However, IB doesn't support them. TDA's backfill for fully qualified futures symbols sucks. Just FYI.

Second - you are doing the backfill all in premarket. Fast majority are skipped because there are no gaps - MT auto backfill does not consider anything in premarket as gaps and data on previous days is fine. That works as intended.  I guess I don't know what the problem is exactly. Do you have some symbol not backfilling? other than premarket portion?

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When I start MT around 8am CST I can get TDA to backfill but I must manually do it for each symbol. By the time the market is open it is getting streaming data for all symbols.

I understand there are some symbols that do not have premarket data. However when I find a symbol that has 500k volume premarket in my watchlist and I have already backfilled that watchlist and I then click on the symbol it was not backfilled and I have to manually select backfill. Tuesday morning I will have an example for you at 8am or so.

I am not worried about the futures because I can do those manually since there are only a few at a time.

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