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Overlapping bubbles on chart trading

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Example of the overlapping bubbles.  You can see the original position bubble under the limit since they are close in price. Filled would overlap as well. Same thing happens if you grab the stop market line and start moving it up/down, once you get to your buy price the two ove r lap.  I can move the original buy bubble to the right and it holds for the session but you need to do it each time you restart Medved.  


Be good if  where you move them once it holds even after a restart and for all charts uses the same saved position for each type, or just default each type of bubble (buy, stop, filled) to be offset a different amount from the left so they don't overlap.

2020-06-16 14_15_42-AnyDesk.png

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K I think I misunderstood.  Positions hold for an active trade over a restart of Meved.

I thought you meant the default positions would hold onto the next trade after a medved restart.  

Could you look at being able to set the default positions from the left for each type of bubble or defauly each type to a different offset from the left?  Otherwise evertime you restart medved and start a trade you need to set the bubble positons.  This is an issue if you are jumping into a trade and want to quickly start adjusting the stop limit if price is moving quickly as you will first need to adjust the stop limit bubble or it will overlap the primary order bubble.

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