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Questrade after hours order failure message

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I get that, but the order went to queued in Questrade and is pending for tomorrow. Shouldn't the order be queued in Medved? I acutally didn't look to see if it was sucessfully pending in Questrade, just noticed the pop up I posted above.


Just did it again and I see it as received in Medved even though the error pop up came up again.

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the market order would still be there. However the error is not from the market order. Here is what MT does for FLATTEN (regardless of broker)

1) Cancel all open orders for the symbol
2) Wait for the status on the Open orders that were canceled to change to CANCELLED (in case they are Pending Cancel)
3) Send MARKET order to close the position
4) Wait for the market order to be executed and for the position to show 0 QTY

in your case, it is failing on #4 since the order is not going to be executed, at least not in the time MT gives for that to happen (12 seconds), which is when it shows you the error.  The market order if it is still open, will show in MT like any other order.

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