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Some Chart Shortcuts dont seem to work

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On chart trading shortcuts some seem to work and others don't . For example hitting F2 will initiate a trade capsule but hitting alt+D or alt+H wont halve or double the quantity in the trading capsule. These shortcuts work fine on a level2 trading window. Same issue with increase/decrease trade Qty cntl up/down. If this isn"t the way they are supposed to work is there any way that the feature to double and halve the trade quantity in a capsule can be implemented with alt+D/H?




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I checked - the stuff works as expected. please note that the shortcuts change the quantity that will be used on the next order. They do not impact whatever orders is already dropped onto the chart. You can have multiple unsent orders on the chart. 

if you have the toolbar open, or have the QTY field added to the QAT (Quick Access Toolbar), you should see the QTY field change when you hit those shortcuts.  any order you start after that uses those values

Also note - Both the shortcuts and the mouse wheel can also be used to update the order capsule while in the initial drop mode 

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