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Visual glitches with Black visual style...


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Wanted to report a glitch that only seems to happen with the Black Visual Style selected. If you select that style then open the Settings Window, you can see crosshair flickering when you move the mouse over the title bar of the Settings window. The crosshairs, when the mouse is on the title bar, appear right on the default system mouse pointer when this is done. So what you see is the default mouse pointer AND the crosshairs flickering. This occurs when the Settings window is hovering above a chart. Also, the popup "tooltip" window showing current bar OHLC data will flicker on the chart when moving the mouse over the title bar of the Settings window.

Also, if I have a watchlist open with Ribbon Tabs minimized and single left-click on the Main tab, the ribbon flickers sporadically. This occurs with the Black Visual Style selected. I can't reliably reproduce this with the watchlist window maximized. But it can be reproduced when the window is shrunk such that the width of the window is shorter than the length of the title in the title bar which is how I use it. In addition, there is a little up/down arrow at the top right of the window allowing us to manually maximize or minimize the ribbon. If I minimize the ribbon and then select, for example, the Main tab that selection opens the ribbon but the up/down arrow at the upper right-hand corner of the window doesn't reflect that the ribbon has been opened. So if, at that point, I left click that up/down arrow instead of minimizing the ribbon, the ribbon simply flickers as if it's being opened again.

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