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Again completly frozen!!


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Sorry but what do you mean by quotes? If it's the level2, the answer is no, it doesn't work for all chart just 2, and if by quoites it's datas, yes it works, but why doesn't work for only 1 symbol? There is no sense!!

And there is not more than 100 symbols.

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12 hours ago, Chalp said:

Ok but

1) there is no more than 100 symbols

2) it worker during a while then stop to work, and why no permission for this symbol and permission ok for other one?

To be sure you're not using more than 100 symbols, connect MT to the IB API. If you have TWS open while using MT, every symbol count and add to those in MT  ; portfolio, watchlist, scanner etc.

Try connecting the with the API alone (or  try creating new desktop in tws but leaving it  it empty)

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16 hours ago, Jerry Medved said:

I have no way to tell you what the issue is without having a way to look at log/settings. Please send that and indicate in the comment exactly which symbols you have problems with


I sent you log, today issue with srne

No more than 100 symbol in scan+portfolio+watchlist+... or they are hidden.

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I looked at the log and I thought I saw a problem, but no - I see data coming in for it the entire time. I think your issue is spike filter. SRNE had some very volatile action and maybe the spike filtering kicked in. Go to SETTINGS / CHARTS / Spike Filtering and add SRNE to the excluded list. Does that fix?

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