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A Master Portfolio that can have sub-portfolios so the quote columns can be sorted accordindly



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20 hours ago, Mike Medved said:

You can have a portfolio that has separators (symbol that starts with ---) between groups of symbols. That would have subtotals and sorting within groups.

Interesting except it won't work in the following scenario:

I have 3 portfolios:
1) 1500 symbols for TD Ameritrade, I actually have 1588 symbols I am trying to get quotes for so the 88 symbols is going to Portfolio #2

2) 88 symbols using Ally Invest formerly TradeKing because Portfolio #1's quote source TD Ameritrade has a limit of 1500 symbols and I am 88 symbols over

3) Tracking Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin using Binance as the quote source

Is there anyway to have something that can show all 3 so I can short either of the columns in ascending or descending order for $ gain, $ loss, % gain, % lost, 52 week high reached, 52 week low reached

So I am not trying to sort within groups, basically I am trying to sort things using multiple portfolios but all on one screen.  


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