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Screen redraws way to often and unnecessarily


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Screen redraws are occurring much too often and when it is not necessary.

Eg to reproduce one situation this occurs

Two historical charts open on two screens (overlapping other medved windows). 

Draw a vertical alert line on one

Draw a vertical alert line on the other

Go back and select the alert line on the first

Dialog box pops up  (this is the key to the redraw for this example)

Once you click yes both historical charts get redrawn on both monitors and when this occurs there is lots of charts flashing below it being redrawn and then the historical charts are back and on top.


It seems like the extra screen draws I keep seeing are adding a lot of overhead for no reason.  I just saw another example, when I minimize the browser window on the screen I am on every monitor where there are any overlapping medved windows I see flashing and screen redraws, even if just one edge of a window overlaps another.  In this case everything behind the browser window and on the other screens was already correct but it got redrawn anyhow.

I'll keep paying attention and see what other things are specifically causing it as I am pretty sure there are other situations. I think Medved is just redrawing all instead of being aware that it's already in the same state it is about to redraw everything in and it does this across all monitors even though nothing changed on the other ones. 

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Seems to be very much related to Medved windows overlapping themselves and Medved not knowing it's already in the correct state.  If I have a second screen with another app overtop of medved you don't see any of the redraws on that screen even though it's occurring on the rest of the screens.

Any way to isolate the redraws to the screen you are working on? Just seems to be so much redrawing all the time.

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