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Trendlines and Alerts trendlines with option to clear at end of day



Realizing that it would be nice to set intraday trendlines and alert trendlines with an option to have them disappear/clear at the end of the trading day. I set alert lines for intraday trading, forget or don't bother clearing them at the end of the day and then have them meaninglessly alert me in the following days.

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user option to set "N" only for a particular individual alert line would do it! I 'd still like the default to be long term but have the ability to select which line alerts I would want to automatically clear out at the end of each day.

Also, didnt realize alert lines had a shelf life. So if I set an alert line for a stock that isnt watched everyday I could miss my buy point, etc if the alert is older than 120 days? Maybe also have an option to set it to "until canceled"?

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