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News Repeats and can't sort news window


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The last few days I have noticed I am getting hammered by repeat news. Top pic has my alert window filtered for GWPH as an example.  As well I thought  I could change the sort order in the news window before by clicking the column headers, but clicking it doesn't do anything (second pic below).  If you look in the GWPH (individual news window below) you can see it's neither sorted by received column or dat/time column, dates are all over the place.

Sent logs as well.







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Seeing the same thing today and all seen to be coming from globemail which I think is sourced from the webull news feed in medved.  

Do you want more logs?

Can see APHA, APHA:CA repeated 3 times in the screen shot below.,  time stamps all the same in the alert window and only one instance in the APHA:CA news article in the individual stocks feed.

I just clicked on the latest instance of the article and opened it in a web browser.  If I get another for it I will check if the web link changes.







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Another example of repeat news that shouldn't really be coming up.  There were more for this one today but I had restarted Medved a few times.  I sent logs as well.

Stockwatch page new for NNO:VN



Medved NNO:VN specific news window



Alert window in Medved filterned for NNO:VN alerts









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I have 


Seems to be Seeking alpha (which I think comes from Webull) and globemail (think webull) that is so bad today. Previously I think we saw it with finviz (think webull), but we have also seen this with stockwatch as well however today I don't see any from stockwatch.

BTW, be nice to have a source column in the alert feed. Only place to find the source is in the middle of the description column in the alert window.

Here is an example of TSLA..  Same article over and over today from seeking alpha



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Looks like Globemail is the biggest offender.  I just found 5 stocks with diff news articles from them that have been slamming my alerts over and over today and all were from  globemail.  I think globemail sources from Webull doesn't it?  Is it possible to filter out just globemail results when setting up the alerts since webull has other sources as well.



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