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Volume indicator seperate from main chart



Not sure if this is doable...

When you move your mouse over the volume bars you see the text amount for that bar.  This only occurs if you are on the bar which becomes hard to select when the bars are very small.  Could the text being displayed for the volume be shown solely on the horizontal position so you could actually be above the bar and still get the volume text to display?  This would also be useful as sometimes the cursor is on top of the text when you have smaller chart windows.

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I am going to assume you mean the little bubble values. those are not specific to volume. Those work for all indicators, so can't make the changes volume specific. 

However, don't remember if you show the trace box, but that also has the same value and that does work based on just the horizontal position. If you don't use it, you can turn it on, but then unselect all values except the volume

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