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Missing After hours data and bid ask data end of day


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Just did the update for the dashboard fix and then cleared the data for NNO:VN and still that after hours trade is missing. 
Tried checking AC:CA it had after hours data but then when I cleared and backfilled it there was no afterhours data.  Maybe after hours data is not populating on backfill, seems odd?
I was pretty sure I didn't clear any data or do a medved restart yesterday before I sent you logs, but maybe I am wrong (I was running on little sleep yesterday).


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Found one HIVE:VN  it had a single after hours trade and after clear and backfill with tick data didn't show either.

And another AVL:VN.


Maybe this is only TSX Venture stock related?  Question then would be is it Medved not getting it or is it Stockwatch not sending it? Missing that data could potentially skew a lot of stats in Medved I would imagine if there are big MOC trades after hours??

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