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New intraday window not keeping focus


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If I spawn a new intraday window via control-I after clicking on the Dashboard.  A new window is spawned and is showing on top of other windows.  But as soon as I try to click on it, the window behind is brought forward and the newly spawned window is hidden behind the other window.  I have seem this occur many times now.


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Spawn a new intraday window on your primary monitor, move it on top of another chart window and close it to save the location.  Try first click on another monitor then click back on main dashboard then control-I to spawn a new intraday window, then try to click the intraday window that popped up.  

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Ah even with it empty it looks like it is taking time as it try's to backfill as **NA.  I didn't even realize it wasn't fully loaded but that might be what is going on.  If I click the window when it's black (first pic) then it hides but if i wait till it full loads second picture (which seems to take a long time) it doesn't hide it behind the other window.






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