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Higher precision for order capsule - I need 0.01% precision



I'm scalp trading crypto. I need to set precision of .001 or even more

I'm trying to trade #ADA.USDT, but it keeps snapping to just cents 0.01 USDT. Not fractions of cents. 

I need 0.01% of precision of the price of the pair. (I do make 0.15% jumps at least because I need to sell above my exchange's fee, I use the Renko + 0.15% box size to see exactly at that precision level)

I work at intervals of a few seconds.

I know there is the satoshi unit at the BTC pairs, but even then. It jumps from s461,000 to s462,000.

Where can I increase the precision? Can you add it as a feature? Is there a work around, etc?

Thank you in advance! I have bought the premium subscription!

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Lucas - go to SETTINGS / TRADING / ACCOUNTS.  click on the account in question. Then on the lower right side, click on the SPIN INCREMENTS tab.  The settings there also control the chart increments. Adjusting those would fix your issue.  You could set it to:

10                0.0001
All Others    0.01 

or whatever you want

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