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Creating Orders Based on a Fixed Transaction Value


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Hello Jerry,

I would like to ask you if it is possible to set a desired transaction value, so that each time that an order is placed, the number of shares reflects the desired transaction value.

For example:

For Example:

- Desired Transaction Value: 5000$

- Stock Price: 5$

- The Trading capsule (if market order) is already set to 1000 shares. Or if alternatively, I wanna place a limit order at 4.80$ the trading capsule would automatically update to 1040 shares.

I have seen there is this option (photo below). But when I then try to place an order on the chart, the default quantity in the trading capsule does not reflect the transaction value required.


Thank you very much for your help


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Thanks for the reply Jerry. Would it possible to have an indicator that shows the level of shares to buy given these three variables:

- Desired Trasaction Value

- Maximum Amount Willing to Lose

- Risk, expressed maybe as a percentage

So the formula to calculate the position size would be Maximum Amount Willling to Lose / Risk % (applied to the price of the stock).

For example:

Current Price: 5$

Maximum Amount WIlling to Lose: 250$

Risk%: 5%

This would give a Number of shares to buy equal to 1000.

Is it possible to create a similar indicator to put on the chart?

Thank you for your response

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