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How many tickers can I put into scan?

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It's not about the number of symbols, it's more like what you want the scanner to do. You can have a fairly involved Paint Bar of hundreds of lines of code, but if it only has to look back a day or two it will run faster than a simple Paint Bar that needs to look back 30 days because you want to compute a 30 day moving average. Think about an active symbol like SPY, that's a lot of trades over 30 days that MT has to digest. When the scanner starts MT has to backfill any missing data, once again, 30 days takes a lot longer than 2 or 3. Even with what I just detailed, the difference between fast or slow, or high or low CPU can be hard to see. MT gobbles up ticks and processes them very quickly. Something like a quad core or higher CPU and SSD probably will not have a problem. My CPU load from MT is <10%.

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