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Sub Categories in Portfolio

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When putting sub categories in a portfolio for example (--- Energy)  the expansion/contraction triangle to the left of the sub category seems to work differently than normal expansion/contraction functionality I use on most other programs. When I click on the triangle to the left of sub category "Energy" the sub category above it contracts but all the symbols in "Energy" stay expanded. I would have to go the the next sub category below "Energy" and click that triangle to get "Energy" to contract. 

Not a big deal but this functionality seems a little counter intuitive.


Thanks and regards,


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also while I'm at it the sub categories work a little funky if I want a portfolio of all sub categories (no symbols by themselves). That is I've found that I have to put a fake symbol "****" as the first item in a portfolio to be able to then add a bunch of --- sub categories to the portfolio. Otherwise the top sub category seems to disappear as sub categories are added under it. 

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