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Additional Color Set Continuity

Donald Q.


Curious if there are plans or if a surprise could be added to the next beta for more color set continuity. Thus far I've used the "Night" theme across all my windows, but wanting to change it up. Sadly, I found that Night is the only color set across all the windows I use and would love to see the following added to give additional end-to-end options. Thoughts? 😃

Deep - Level II
Easy - Level II
Rita - Chart & Level II

  Chart Level II Time & Sales Account View SUM
Night 1 1 1 1 4
Breeze   1 1 1 3
Deep 1   1 1 3
Easy 1   1 1 3
Pure 1   1 1 3
Sunny 1   1 1 3
Blues     1 1 2
Dark Blues     1 1 2
Periwinkle     1 1 2
Poker     1 1 2
Rita     1 1 2
Silverback     1 1 2
Subtle     1 1 2
Cool Pastels   1     1
Dark   1     1
Deep Blue   1     1
DEFAULT   1     1
Ocean 1       1
PRINT 1       1
System Default 1       1
Warm Pastels   1     1
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the chart color sets are completely separate from the others. Different system entirely. We just tried to reuse the names for similar color combinations

As for the others, you missed DOM but basically there are different types of color sets for different types of windows and we just named them the same when we could. Portfolio, T&S, Account View will all use the same. Level II has different requirements thus it's own set of colors

Right now unable to allocate time to mess with colors. If you feel like messing with them, then:

CHARTS - you can create your own color sets. If you create some to match the stuff we have for quotes/account view, send us the log/settings and let me know which you added and I can see about adding them as system color sets

Level II, Quotes, etc - If you want to mess with these, let me know and I can send you the relevant file/instructions and then same as for charts - if you send them back to us, I can add them in. 

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