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G'day Jerry,


Couple of issues I have.


1. I am getting news from both the ASX and Commsec. Under settings -> news I have only ASX checked to receive news. In fact Commsec does not even appear as a news source option. Even under data sources news is not checked for Commsec. Wondering why I receive headlines from both with the same headline?


2. If I select the Commsec headline and double click it I then get a google search page listing results based on the headline text not the Commsec article. Problem or my settings?



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1) With Commsec, we don't actually request the news.  The result for the quotes has the news data on there. So I just configured it to read it in if it is there.  That is why the news shows up even though Commsec is not listed as a news source.


2) as for viewing - I think their news points to PDF files, so if your IE browser cannot show PDF, not sure what will show. IE because the embedded browser is IE. If you close the preview pane and then try to open it so it goes to a regular browser, does it work?

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I see the old QT FAQ (archived here) said "NO". Seems nothing has changed.  ;)


Doesn't work for us old retirees. We NEED sleep. Even if it does shorten our perceived time

remaining. Ageing is a bugger.  :)


Regards toy you and your brother.

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G'day Jerry,


You have email.


Also, the Supported Functionality checkboxs do not appear to be selectable. There are checkmarks in some and not in others but

apart from the Commsec Level 1 news no others can be checked or unchecked.



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