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Intraday Chart - data filter



The raw data window can "filter" what is displayed so you can optionally see just trades or blocks. 


Could you use that setting to also filter what is shown on the intraday charts? (e.g. display charts of only block trades)


This would be very handy to eliminate visual noise due to oddlot trades.


If more than one raw window is symbol-linked to an intraday chart or charts, you could plot values according to what is in each of the raw windows.


Thanks for considering.



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raw data window is in no way tied to the charts, so definitely would not add that. In general, don't really want to add filtering to the charts - in all the years, this is the only time this has been requested, so it is not really a highly thought after feature. Also, odd lot filtering really just filters out stuff below 100.  That is the standard definition. From previous discussions with you, it seems you want any odd lots to be filtered, which would not be practical

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I don't presume to know what cbratton27 means, and I know we can filter raw data to see only the blocks, which is handy.


However, it is not currently possible to isolate those blocks on the chart.


It would be handy if we could show on the charts only trades that exceed a certain (user specified) size.


It is also the case that charts currently include odd-lot data which creates a large amount of spiky action which is not really tradeable. This is also hard to filter out, and comes right back after the next backfill even if you take the time to delete the data (which itself is impractical).


If you included an option to filter charts so that only trades where vol>N shares show up, you could really help us out.


Thanks again.

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