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Historical chart showing dividends when there are not any


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BUD:VN showing dividends on historical chart but not anywhere else in Medved (portfolio or detailed view).  Stockwatch is the source I'm using for the portfolio bud is in.  

Checked tmxmoney and it shows nothing for dividends for BUD.  Check stockwatch dividend history for May 2021 BUD not listed.


Cleared intraday and hisotirical chart but dividend still shows.



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Could be specifically related to TSX Venture symbols. I see the same issue for DEF:VN

Looks like it only the :VN doing it.  If I change to :CA it doesn't show dividends on the historical charts. Why would that be?

I would prefer to keep :VN ideally as it helps me know the excahnge the symbols are on.  If I just use :CA for them all then I have to go to the portfolio to know if the symbol is on a smaller exchange.

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