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After hours data not showing in historical chart


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Realtime updates is enabled. I tried moving COIN from my Webull portfolio to a Stockwatch one and cleared historical data but same problem exists afterhours low missing on historical chart.

Price dumped after hours, the low in the portfolio below is only regular hours low.

Low of after hours is not showing in the portfolio.

Last in the portfolio below is showing the current last which is also showing on the historical chart oddly enough.





Note: coin hit a low of about 302

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if the day high, day low are not updated on the quote, which you can see in the HIGH/LOW fields on the portfolio, then they will not be accurate on the historical chart too. the LAST is updated, so you see MT show the LAST go down on the candle, but the lower wick is the LOW price from the quote, which is not updated.

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